Use alternative data to beat the market.

Social Arbitrage Hedge Fund

internally curated

Data sources


Web Traffic

25 months of daily web traffic data updated bi-weekly.



3 years of monthly TikTok mention data updated weekly.


Google Search

5 years of bi-weekly Google search data updated bi-weekly.



1 year+ of daily sub-Reddit post data updated weekly.


Mobile App

25 months of daily historical mobile app usage data and top chart ranking data updated bi-weekly.



16 months of monthly Amazon search volume estimates updated monthly.



5 years of bi-weekly YouTube search data updated bi-weekly.


Custom Data

Custom terms and values of all types can be added. Institutions can request new custom data sources.

ai generated

Term Relations

We've created a process that automatically connects keywords, social media terms, websites and more with financial market tickers and companies. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning, we scan data to provide insights into market trends and movements. This creates the Google Search of Alternative Data!

25,949+ Companies Indexed

Ticker+ Data Platform

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  • Retail investors

  • Institutions

  • Corporations

  • Customized Solutions*

  • Data Terminal

  • API Access*


Social Arbitrage Hedge Fund

Who this is for

  • Accredited & Qualified Clients

  • Institutions

  • US & International

  • Diverse Asset Classes

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Create your edge

How to use alternative data

Social Trends

Discover the latest shifts in public opinion and behavior patterns by analyzing social media and internet trends, helpful for market research.

Corporate Research

Monitor competitor performance, social marketing campaigns, and consumer interest.

Consumer Trends

Track consumer behavior and preferences through online shopping data, search trends, and review analytics to predict market demand and product success.

Economic Indicators

Aggregate and track government, news and economic data to anticipate and monitor economic health and activities.

News And Events

Stay up to date with the latest current events and extract valuable insights on a granular scale.


Anticipate political outcomes and policy changes by analyzing public opinion and social media trends.